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Our expert restorative dentists in Manassas can bring the function and youthfulness back to your smile.

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CEREC Same-Day Crowns
Dental crowns that are not complicated or time consuming!

With CEREC technology, Drs. Bawa can craft a custom dental crown in just one visit while you wait! Our same-day dental crowns are not only convenient but also extremely durable. We will take digital images, prepare a 3D model, and create a long-term, ceramic restoration right in our office.

Dental Implants
Restoring beauty and function to the smiles of Manassas.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Their appearance seamlessly matches the tone and shine of natural teeth.  Implants also help preserve proper bone levels in the jaw. They can be used to replace one or several missing teeth when a bridge is not an option, or they can even be used to support fixed dentures!

Dr. Bobby Bawa is a member of the International Congress of ImplantologyOpens in a new window to International Congress of Oral Implantologists website and has taken extensive in-depth training in dental implant studies to ensure the best results.

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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Regain your lost smile. Look younger. Have more self confidence.

Manassas dentists Dr. Anoop Bawa and Dr. Bobby Bawa have restored even the most challenging of broken smiles to optimal oral health and outstanding beauty.

Full mouth reconstruction is like having an instant facelift! It corrects imperfections in the bite position, restores or replaces severely damaged teeth, and enhances the beauty and shine of the smile. Anyone who suffers from discolored, chipped, broken, short, worn, or missing teeth may be an excellent candidate.

Bring back the youth to your smile.

A denture is a removable replacement set of missing teeth. Dentures are made from acrylic plastic and sometimes porcelain and metal materials.

For those with extensive decay or tooth loss, dentures restore the ability to eat, speak, and smile without embarrassment. Complete dentures are utilized when few original teeth remain and the patient is essentially missing a full set of teeth. Partial dentures are utilized when only a few teeth are missing.

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Porcelain Crowns
Say "NO" to metal, say "YES" to natural coloring!

Porcelain crowns look completely natural as their translucency emulates the shape, color, and feel of your teeth. They are strong, long-lasting, and look so much better than metal restorations.

Crowns are the perfect solution for any visible tooth decay or loss of tooth structure because of erosion, chips, or injury!

The implant alternative to missing teeth.

A bridge is a fixed porcelain restoration used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth.

We do not place a bridge on just anyone. We select our cases very carefully and provide you with honest information to make sure you are a great candidate for a bridge. 

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Metal-Free Fillings
We would never place a material in your mouth we would not want in our own.

In addition to making your smile look gray and fake, metal fillings present major health risks. Our porcelain dental restorations are the safest and most effective method used today for teeth compromised from tooth decay.

Accidents, aches, and pains happen to everybody.

A dental extraction is the complete removal of a tooth. Extractions can be performed for several reasons, including severe tooth decay, infection, damage, severe gum disease, removal of wisdom teeth, or to make space for orthodontic treatment.

Call us at our Manassas dentist office: 703-369-4545 and we will address your dental emergency in an efficient and caring manner.  Our patients come first!

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Laser Dentistry
Making dental treatment quick, effective, and virtually pain-free.

Laser dentistry allows for quicker recovery times since the gum tissue begins to heal itself while being re-shaped or cleared of infection.

We use a soft-tissue diode laser to:

  • Perform biopsy procedures.
  • Reduce the discomfort of canker and cold sores.
  • Remove muscle attachments that limit proper movement.
  • Remove inflamed gum tissues and aid in the treatment of gum disease.
  • Remove or reshape gum tissues during crown lengthening procedures.
Sedation Dentistry
Conquer your fears and past traumas!

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist because of pain, needles, or losing control?

Whatever your unique case may be, we have a solution that can help you conquer your fear. We offer our patients different levels of stress and anxiety relief to help ease you through your dental treatment. For mild cases, we offer anti-anxiety medication and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). For those with more severe fear or anxiety, we provide sedation dentistry.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment
End the snoring, insomnia, depression, and suffering!

The snoring or halted breathing related to sleep apnea gets worse over time, thus increasing the risk of stroke, impotence, arteriosclerosis, and other chronic diseases. We perform a thorough screening and evaluate for various safe and gentle options, so you can live a long and healthy life.

Your Manassas dentists, Dr. Bobby and Dr. Anoop Bawa are oral specialists with a strong neuromuscular background and training from the Las Vegas Institute, and have successfully treated many patients with this serious condition. If you suffer from sleep apnea, rest assured they can help you too!

TMJ Treatment
Remove the root cause of migraines, aches, and dizziness.

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Does your jaw produce a popping sound while you chew? TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders are typically the result of a misaligned bite.

This occurs when the upper and lower teeth do not close together correctly and cannot support the facial muscles in functions such as speaking, chewing, and swallowing. As a result, stress is put on the muscles of the face, causing the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder.

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Inlays & Onlays
Renew the strength and the beauty of damaged teeth.

When a tooth has been damaged by decay, it is important to remove the decay and restore the tooth.

Dental inlays and onlays are pre-molded fillings made of porcelain or composite materials that restore a tooth that has had the decay removed. An inlay is used if the damage does not extend over the cusp of the tooth, and an onlay is used when the damage does extend over the cusp.

Bone Grafting
Restore what was lost and build a strong foundation.

If gum disease is left untreated, it will eventually progress to periodontal disease and, ultimately, bone loss. When teeth do not have enough underlying bone tissue to hold them firmly in place, bone loss may be inevitable leading to tooth loss!

Bone grafting is a procedure that can build bone tissue up again, strengthening the jawbone.

If there is not sufficient bone available to complete a successful dental implant, a bone grafting procedure may be needed.

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Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Protect the health of your teeth.

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that may erupt in the back of your mouth. Sometimes it is necessary to have wisdom teeth removed because they can cause problems:

  • They are impacted – Wisdom teeth may not come in normally or fully erupt, causing pain.

  • They erupt at the wrong angle – Wisdom teeth may put pressure on surrounding teeth, causing them to shift position.
  • Your mouth is too small – Your jaw may not have room for these extra teeth.
  • They are decayed – Wisdom teeth can be hard to reach with a toothbrush and dental floss, so they are prone to cavities and decay.
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Mimi B., Actual Patient

‘‘This is by far the best dentist I have had. I have been coming in for years. Though I live in Florida, I don’t want to switch my care because of how good the service is I get here. It’s worth it. I would highly recommend.’’

Blossom E., Actual Patient

‘‘I have been a client of Dr. Bawa since 2011. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff are superior the minute you walk in. Dr. Bawa always explains the treatment plan and gives you the opportunity to ask questions.’’

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