Protect Your Smile With a Professional Sports Mouth Guard!

With most of November already under our belts, football and other fall sports are in full swing! For our school-aged patients who participate in contact sports, and many adults who play for recreation, we know that a sports guard or mouth guard is a must. And your dentist at Bawa Dentistry would like to congratulate you for making your dental health a priority!

For many, this means the convenience of a fast and inexpensive store-bought sports mouth guard. These boil-and-bite appliances can’t be beaten for speed. But just how reliable are they in preventing injury to precious teeth and jaws?

Each dentist practicing at Bawa Dentistry is dedicated to promoting beautiful smiles by encouraging optimal dental care. So we ask you to consider the benefits of investing in a custom-fitted sports guard to protect your smile or the smile of your loved one.

  • A better fit. Store bought mouth guards are made to accommodate a wide range of mouths, which makes them, well, wide! Having a sports guard that fits securely, snugly, without excess bulk allows you or your child to concentrate on the game rather than fiddle with a large, ill-fitting appliance.
  • Increased compliance. The superior fit of a custom mouthguard means that the wearer will be less likely to discard it during play because of frustration. So having a professionally made sports guard from a dentist like Dr. Bawa can mean better protection from better compliance.
  • Reduced risk of injury from head trauma. Professional sports mouth guards are engineered to allow a specific amount of cushion between the upper and lower jaws. This precision is crucial in helping to prevent concussion sustained due to head trauma. Because it is impossible to control this precise amount of cushion with the boil-and-bite guards, chances are your loved ones are not protected!

At Bawa Dentistry, we encourage you to consider the benefits of a custom fabricated sports guard. When you take the time to really weigh the cost, we know that preserving the health and beauty of your smile, and the smile of your loved one is well worth it!

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