Manassas Dentist Now Offering Pure Power Mouthguard

I apologize for not having blogged for so long.  Things have just been crazy busy and even busier than normal for me as Bobby (the other Dr. Bawa) had been very preoccupied with the unexpected passing of his father and I was passed on some extra chores.   I can’t say things are completely back to normal yet however time is a big healer.

I know I promised pictures of our Kids’ Day and Breakfast Event but unusually the card reader has been misplaced.  As soon as I locate it – if I locate it, you bet I’ll be putting those pictures up on my blog.  Nevertheless, we will be having more Kids’ Day and plenty of other events and certainly I’ll have more pictures to share.

Let’s talk dentistry.  You probably saw the title, Pure Power Mouthguard –   maybe you’ve heard of it maybe not.  But I am one of five Northern Virginia Dentists certified to provide this service.  Definition – Pure Power Mouthguard or PPM is a type of Sports Guard but it’s much more than your run of the mill Sports Guard.  Neuromuscular Dentists, like myself, use a machine to relax your muscles and find the best position for your teeth and adjacent muscles to be in to allow maximum oxygen into your body.  The result is better performance because more oxygen is entering your lungs and tissues.  Usually athletes love these kinds of appliances because they like all the edge they can get in their sport.  However, non athletes can get a similar appliance called an orthotic which pretty much does the same thing, but can also alleviate other physiological symptoms such as headache, back pain, and neck pain just to name a few.  I know what a few of you are thinking – you think that perhaps these symptoms are related to stress or job ergonomics – no not necessarily.  If you ever want more information about PPM or Neuromuscular Dentistry, just let me know.  You have my number and email.  I encourage you to check out the PPM website – check out all the athletes who are wearing a PPM – you may be surprised.

Well gotta go for now.

Dr. Anoop Bawa

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