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How to Keep Your Smile White for the Holidays | Holiday Survival Guide

You invested your hard earned dime on our teeth whitening services, and now you want to keep it—especially for the holiday season. However, just because your teeth are whiter doesn’t mean it will never turn back to a dingy, dull color.

You’ll need to stay away from stained foods and drinks to avoid the spotting in your smile.

Some of those staining foods and drinks include:

  • tea
  • sauces
  • sports drinks
  • wine
  • berries
  • soda
  • candy

While our favorite treats can stain the teeth, it does not mean you have to stop consuming them completely. There are ways to still eat your favorite foods and drinks and still keep your teeth sparkling.

Cut back:

Some of these foods are extremely healthy for your overall health especially blackberries and blueberries because of its antioxidants. You can still eat these treats, but eat them moderately.


If you’re nervous to consume staining fruits, replace them with other antioxidant sources. Apples, pears, cauliflower, grapefruit, and melons are great replacements to keep up with your antioxidant intake.

Use a straw:

Whether you’re drinking your favorite soda or tea, sip through a straw to avoid staining. It’ll keep the staining away from your front teeth.

Swallow swiftly: 

When you drink your favorite beverages, do so quickly and not let the liquid linger in your mouth.

Rinse and brush: 

After your meal, rinse your mouth with water right away followed by a thorough brush to clean your teeth from the staining foods.

You want to keep the glamour in your smile, and it can be achieved while moderately consuming your favorite treats! Smile brightly for the holidays with these informative tips and call your Manassas dentist today if you wish to schedule a teeth whitening consultation.

Do you have other methods of keeping the luster in your pearly whites? Comment below, and share your stories!

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