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Your Dentist’s Favorite Vegetarian Eats In Manassas | Dr. Anoop Bawa

Did you know that your Manassas dentist, Dr. Anoop Bawa is a vegetarian? Ever wondered how she manages caring for extraordinary smiles, being a spouse, and managing her vegetarian diet? Read on to find out!

Manassas Restaurants | Dr. Bawa Dentist Manassas

What is a vegetarian?

In the simplest definition, a vegetarian does not eat any animal flesh; no chicken, pig, cow, sea animals, nada. But a vegetarian may differ from a vegan who completely avoids all animal by-products.

So, how does she keep her diet exciting?

Necessity is the mother of invention. For Dr. Bawa, cooking vegetarian meals and discovering new herbs, veggies, spices, and styles of cooking is a delectable passion (in addition to dentistry). The truth is, there is such a rich variety of vegetarian food in the world, a variety that most of us creatures-of-habit have yet to discover.

To share a little about her lifestyle, she gave us her top 3 places to eat in Manassas where vegetarian dishes are a must-try. Even if you’re not vegetarian, open your mind to the possibilities and experience something new next time you are out for lunch or dinner!

Dr. Anoop Bawa’s favorite restaurants in Manassas:

Community Page icons-02Okra’s Cajun Creole:

“The food and service here are just fantastic. Even being a vegetarian, I have so many options for each mood. Plus, according to my non-vegetarian friends and family, the veggie dishes are great!

Favorite dish: “Definitely the Golden Fried Okra!”

Fun fact: “The First Lady and her daughter, Sasha visited Okra’s back in 2010. If that doesn’t speak wonders about this place, I don’t know what will.”

Community Page IconKaterina’s Greek Cuisine:

“I just love the atmosphere in this place. Such a delightful, savory experience every time. The food here makes me reminisce of my travels to Greece.”

Favorite dish: “You have to try the Greek Bruschetta and Mediterranean Olive Spread.”

Community Page icons-01El Rey Tolteca Mexican Restaurant:

“As you can tell from my selection, I love all types of cooking! This is a nice family restaurant with delicioso Tex-Mexican food. Perfect for those days you’re in the mood for some spice!”

Favorite dish: “Their wonderful salsas and sides complement my choice of Vegetarian Quesadillas every time.”

Now non-vegetarians, did that sound so bad? Trust us, when it comes to food (and how food relates to your oral health) we know what we’re talking about. Take your Manassas dentist’s word for it and visit one of these restaurants next time you go out for lunch or dinner. Tell them who recommended you to their locale, and let them know Dr. Bawa appreciates their wonderful service!

Bon appétit,

Dr. Anoop and the Bawa Dentistry team of Manassas.

Your turn: what are your favorite places to eat around Manassas, and why?

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