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Need to Unplug? Our Dental Team Has a Suggestion!

Where do our dentists and their team go when they need to unplug from everyday life? Luckily for us we have the perfect place right here in our own community. Bull Run Regional Park provides everything that each and every member of the family needs to take a break from their 9 to 5, “can’t live without my electronic gadgets” existence. Whether you are looking for fun and adventure or quiet, natural spaces for meditative thought, Bull Run Park has it all.

Bull Run regional park.

The park has 1500 acres of natural space and really great facilities for outdoor adventures. Looking for fun for the kids? Try the Atlantis Waterpark that adjoins the park or the disc golf course. If you want a complete break, then enjoy a relaxing weekend tenting it in the campground area or if you aren’t one of the get-back-to-basics types then you can rent one of the cute and cozy cottages in the park.

Couple happy hikers walking in forest

There are miles of scenic and historic hiking trails to enjoy, including the Occoquan Water Trail – a 40 mile paddling adventure along the tributaries of Chesapeake Bay.  One of our fav local trails is the 19.7 mile Bull Run Occoquan Trail which meanders through 5,000 acres of scenic woodlands and fabulous bluebells (love them!). It’s perfect for hiking or horseback riding. After a day or a weekend spent at the park, our team members feel ready again to take on the busy and exciting schedule of Bawa Dentistry.


Our team has shared some other great suggestions for fun things to do in our local area on Our Community page. Check them out and let us know what you think.

What are some of your favorite places to enjoy? Please share your suggestions with us in the comments below.

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