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Let May be the Month of Giving Thanks

May is a busy month for many people throughout Virginia. Maybe you are finally finishing college, looking forward to walk and receive your diploma. Or, you could be planning an extravagant Mother’s Day lunch for your friends. Whatever the story, May is a beautiful month to appreciate what the world has given us.

We found some community events happening throughout Virginia to show our appreciation, and we hope you will consider them.

Give thanks to your mom

Our mothers have sacrificed so much to help us achieve our dreams. On May 12, it is time to return the favor and show our mothers some love. Start pampering her by taking her out to a nice restaurant, serving her favorite meals. Some great restaurants around Virginia include:

  • Carmellos Restaurant
  • Logan’s Roadhouse
  • City Square Cafe
  • Girasole-Panino Restaurant

Then, if you are both running fiends, spend the day outside by participating in the The Ladies’ Choice Multisport Festival. At the Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center, you and your mom can get a taste of the crisp air in this family-friendly activity.

After your delicious meal, ravish your mother with gifts she never dreamed of having. Maybe some flowers. Or tickets to her favorite musical. Or maybe brighten her smile with teeth whitening under the care of Dr. Bawa, leading dentist in Manassas, VA.

No matter what your plans are, treat your mother like a queen on Mother’s Day because … we love our moms!

Give thanks to our troops

May 27 is Memorial Day where we honor the troops who have died for our beautiful country. If it weren’t for our brave soldiers, our country would not have the freedoms that we are so lucky to have today. Let’s thank and honor our troops by attending the 2013 National Memorial Day Parade happening in Washington, DC.

This heartwarming parade is being sponsored by the World War II Veterans Committee and will include patriotic marches, floats, musical performances, and celebrity veterans. The parade starts at 2pm and begins at the coroner of Constitution Avenue and 7th Street NW.

How are you celebrating May? Let us know some of the community events you are attending! We would love to hear your plans!

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