2 Responses to "How to Leave Your Favorite Dentist a Google+ Review"
  1. Avatar for Bawa Dental Anjali Patel says:

    Wonderful dentists at Bawa Dentistry. I have anxiety when it comes to dental appointments, but the office makes me feel at ease and is both friendly and professional. Highly recommend.

  2. Avatar for Bawa Dental Maria Marrero says:

    My experience at Bawa Dentistry has been always positive. Not only is she a very qualified professional but her kindness, soft spoken words and mild tempered personality are certainly a plus when you are anxious or apprehensive at a Dentist’s office. The Hygienist adds to the comfort and ease that you experience when you are there. The place is very clean and all of them are always neat and impeccable. I highly recommend Dr. Bawa to any one looking for a long term Dentist. You don’t need to keep looking, she is all you need no matter what dental treatment you are seeking. Try and you will definitely agree with me.

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