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Invisalign Teen: A Modern Option the Family Will Agree On

When it comes to you and your teenage children, there are things you’ll always have a difficult time agreeing on—curfew time, clothing styles, music, and if it’s indeed their turn to take the garbage out.

Agreeing on Something Finally

When it comes to their smile, here’s something you can both agree on: A beautiful one can go a long way to giving your teen confidence and self-worth.

Remember though to think about it in the terms your teen might. With going back to school, sports, prom, and their first job, traditional metal braces may just feel too much like a shiny dental advertisement when they’re really more concerned about just fitting in.

That’s why we’re proud to offer Invisalign Teen in Manassas, VA, which is a modern solution to teeth straightening.

While still focusing on providing your child with a picture-perfect set of teeth, Invisalign Teen allows them to focus on accomplishing the things they want in life with fewer interruptions, and without advertising to their friends that they’re getting their teeth straightened. It will allow them to look forward to the end of summer vacation.

Benefits for Parents and Teens

There are a number of reasons that both you and your teenage children will be more than happy with the option of Invisalign Teen:

Convenience: These aligners can easily and conveniently be removed when brushing, flossing, and eating. This means that throughout the entire straightening procedure, your kid can still enjoy popcorn, chewing gum, and also ensure they maintain a healthy smile along the way. We realize that when it comes to kids, they lose things—even their aligners. That’s why, with Invisalign Teen, you get up to six free replacement aligners. Talk about convenient!

There are no metal wire and brackets that need frequent repairs or tightening, which usually means less orthodontics visits. However, Dr. Bawa will watch the Invisalign treatment carefully to make sure the treatment is on-target. By carefully examining each Invisalign treatment, this can help avoid future treatments and accomplish a straight, beautiful faster.

Settle Treatment: Invisalign Teen straightens teeth by means of clear, BPA-free plastic aligners that are simply slipped over the teeth. Because the aligners are virtually invisible, the teeth straightening process is subtly settle.

As Dr. Bawa puts it, “It’s like watching a baby grow!” Your teen’s friends will notice something different about your teen’s new smile, but they won’t be able to tell it’s the teeth moving.

Discreet: It’s difficult enough for teens to develop a healthy degree of self-confidence. With smooth, clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible, your teenager won’t have to worry about attracting negative attention to themselves. In fact, whether they’re taking pictures or just hanging out with friends, your kids can enjoy the confidence of knowing that they’re discreetly creating a better smile each and every day.

Cost: Invisalign costs about as much as traditional metal braces and is often covered under orthodontic insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). We can help you discover the exact coverage you have and can discuss available financing options if required.

When you come to Bawa Dentistry for Invisalign Teen, we are all about exceeding expectations so we will do what it takes to give your teen the smile he or she truly deserves.

It’s still not too late to book your Invisalign consultation before summer vacation is over. Give your teenager a reason to smile about going back to school with an Invisalign smile that can last a lifetime.

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