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Get To Know Dr. Bobby Bawa

You may have been Dr. Bobby Bawa’s patient for years now, but how well do you know your dentist?

Dr. Bawa has been a general dentist for more than 20 years now.  He’s passionate about his profession and enjoys helping his patients obtain and maintain optimal dental health and aesthetic results.  His ultimate goal is to satisfy patients through dental care excellence with no discomfort.  

“I love seeing the smiles on my patients’ faces. I like seeing that they are satisfied and this is instant gratification for me.”

These are all wonderful aspects every dentist should strive for but what else is hidden behind that white jacket? 

Know your Dentist
Dr. Bawa reading x-rays for a proper diagnosis.

Humble Beginnings

Dr. Bobby (Rajdeep) Bawa first came to the U.S. from India over two decades ago. With his constant pursuit for knowledge, he’s accomplished so much.   Dr. Bawa is now the proud owner of Bawa Dentistry in Manassas.  Dr. Bawa has owned the Manassas office since 2011.  Currently, the office is undergoing a makeover which entails expansion and renovation of the current space to help serve patients better.  We are excited to see the end result!

A Family Who Works Together, Stays Together

Both Dr. Bobby Bawa and Dr. Anoop Bawa work together as a team not only in business, at Bawa Dentistry, but also in marriage.  They have two beautiful daughters who keep them busy outside of the office.

Dentist  VA, Drs. Anoop and Bobby Bawa
Dr. Bawa and his family

Random Facts About Dr. Bobby Bawa

  • Spending time with his family is his favorite past time
  • Loves to travel when he gets a chance
  • Enjoys reading
  • He is a movie buff
  • Also an avid horse rider

Places He Loves To Visit In The Community

  • He frequents at AMF Lanes
  • He can be found at Costco as he loves to shop in bulk
  • He frequently visits Wegman’s grocery store because he loves food

What The Staff Has To Say

“He makes us laugh through his humor!”

“He is always looking out for his patients and staff.”

“Dr. Bawa is a great employer. He has a fantastic sense of humor and should perhaps consider stand-up comedy. He performs extraordinary and virtually painless dentistry!”

Come in and visit Bawa Dentistry and meet Dr. Bawa if you haven’t yet.  He may tell you a joke or two!  Call us today at 703-369-4545!


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