Why Wait? Get Your Dental Crown in One Visit with CEREC! [Infographic]

Why wait? Restore your smile and get your dental crown in one visit.

As we near the end of another year, you probably have many things on your mind. Maybe you’ve been meaning to get that new crown, but it just keeps getting pushed off. Now you’re wondering if you even have time for all the dental visits involved during the busy holiday time! We have good news for everyone who may be contemplating a dental crown procedure at Bawa Dentistry. You can get a dental crown in one visit!

You may have thought that getting a dental crown involved two or even more dental visits. But it can now be done in one visit using CAD/CAM technology or CEREC®. Our Manassas patients just love the convenience we can provide. No temporary crowns, no second visit to cement a crown, and no nasty, messy impressions!

How Does CEREC® Give a Dental Crown in One Visit?

The CEREC® machine is a very precise method for creating dental restorations. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, we can create a beautiful aesthetic crown while you wait. If you’re pressed for time or just don’t care for multiple dental visits, then CEREC® may be your answer.

Discover how CEREC® works and the benefits by reading our educational infographic:

View our CEREC same day dental crowns infographic

Schedule Your One Visit for a Dental Crown

Are you ready to experience CEREC® same-day crowns for yourself? Do you have dental benefits that will expire by the end of the year? Contact us today and schedule your appointment to maximize your benefits. If you don’t use them, you will lose them!

Our office is centrally located to make your dental treatment even more convenient.

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