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The Truth about Dental Implants

Do numbers speak to you? For example, if statistics show that 96.5% of those who’ve received laser eye correction recommend it to their family and friends, would it help get you off the fence in applying the decision to yourself?

Due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, are you facing a decision regarding how to replace a lost tooth or multiple teeth? For decades, the only treatment options available were bridges and dentures. But we’re in the 21st century now — times have changed, and now dental implants have become a major contender for fixing a variety of dental issues.


As your  Dentist, Dr. Bawa wants to teach you the importance of dental implants.


Do you need a little help getting off the fence? Well, we’ve got some quick facts about dental implants worth your consideration. As your dentist, I want to make sure you understand how you may be able to enhance your life with this revolutionary procedure.


8 Facts about Dental Implants

  1. Thumbs-up on aesthetic appearance. Dental implants are designed to feel and look like real teeth.
  2. Oh, the comfort! Because dental implants are designed to fuse with bone, they become a part of you.
  3. Clear speech. Missing teeth and poor-fitting dentures can distort your speech. Implants won’t.
  4. Easy eating. Dental implants function like perfect teeth, so there’s no reason not to enjoy your favorite foods.
  5. Better oral health. Bridges require reducing adjacent teeth. Implants don’t. In fact they promote continued bone and tissue growth.
  6. Convenience. There’s no need to remove dental implants for cleaning, etc.—they’re there to stay.
  7. Improved self-esteem. Dental implants can give you back your full smile. Why wouldn’t that help you feel better about yourself?
  8. Lasting impressions. With proper care, most implants should last a lifetime.


But What Do People Say?

What are the people saying about their dental implants in the months following their procedure? Is it all that they hoped it would be? A U.S. government-funded national resource (NCBI) conducted a clinical investigation to discover exactly that.

The findings stated that 94% said they would recommend the procedure to someone else. Now that’s an endorsement.

So we come to the big question: are dental implants right for you? Statistics say the procedural success rate is well over 90%. Combine that with 94% of people saying they’d recommend implants, and the choice seems pretty clear.

If you are curious about or considering dental implants, talk to the dentist to see if they are the right decision for you! For more information on dental implants, just give us a call or check out our dental implants page.

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