As your Centreville Dentist, Dr. Bawa wants to teach you the importance of dental implants.

The Truth about Dental Implants

Do numbers speak to you? For example, if statistics show that 96.5% of those who’ve received laser eye correction recommend it to their family and friends, would it help get you off the fence in applying the decision to yourself? Due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, are you facing a decision regarding how […]

Restore Your Teeth In One Visit

Family dentistry is all about making you and your family’s dental visits efficient and convenient as possible. At Bawa Dentistry, you can rest assure your family will be put as top priority. This includes getting your tooth restored with porcelain crowns in one visit. While your family goes through their hygiene or filling appointments, you […]

A Gorgeous Smile to Last a Lifetime!

Your Centreville dentists Dr. Anoop & Dr. Bobby Bawa care about the longevity of your teeth. Whether you’ve invested your time and money in some of the brilliant cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer such as smile design, bonding, metal-free fillings, or teeth-whitening, or you just want to maintain the healthiest smile possible, we’re on the […]