A Gorgeous Smile to Last a Lifetime!

Your dentists Dr. Anoop & Dr. Bobby Bawa care about the longevity of your teeth. Whether you’ve invested your time and money in some of the brilliant cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer such as smile design, bonding, metal-free fillings, or teeth-whitening, or you just want to maintain the healthiest smile possible, we’re on the same page! This is why today’s blog post is aimed at helping you avoid damaging your teeth with potentially harmful dental habits. Some bad habits we suggest you try to avoid include:

  • Tobacco Use. Smoking and smokeless-tobacco use top our list because you probably already know how harmful they are. Use of tobacco has been linked to periodontal (gum) disease, oral and other cancers, and plenty more health concerns!
  • Grinding or clenching your teeth. If you find yourself grinding or clenching during the day, perhaps while performing tasks that require your concentration, it may take some effort to overcome the habit. More commonly, however, we find that our patients are grinding or clenching their teeth while asleep. If this is the case, you may not even be aware you are doing it! Your friendly dentists serving the areas of Centerville, Manassas and Chantilly, VA can diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.
  • Using your teeth as tools. Avoid tooth fracture and excessive wear by reaching for a bottle-opener, pair of scissors, or other more appropriate tool instead!
  • Chewing hard objects. Fingernail biting and routinely chewing on ice cubes could potentially fracture your teeth.
  • Neglecting professional care. See your family and cosmetic dentists Dr. Anoop and Dr. Bobby Bawa on a regular basis to be screened for tooth decay, periodontal disease, and mouth cancers. Allowing too much time to pass between dental visits could be harmful to your health.
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